And I'm back...

Oh I have been so rubbish with this, although it's been suuppperrr busy in the Fit Food Kitchen! I'm actually trying to get things sorted this week before we go away on Saturday. We are off skiing- I haven't been for a few years, and Dan hasn't been outside the UK, so this could be funny! Looking forward to having some time away tbh!

As you would have seen we have had the lurgey in this house as well, so last week was a no kitchen zone and I was mainly on the sofa- it sounds like so many people have had it as well! It's nearly gone now but has lasted a whole 3 weeks. As well as little to no work, it meant little to no training and of course comfort food! Beans on toast, sandwiches and pizza defiantly helped recovery ;)

At the peak of the flu we kept trying to train and push through, but we soon realised it wasn't doing us any good, so 2-3 whole days were took away to recover.

Well, we are not sure if its the rest or not but wow, we have come back strong! Not only are we feeling strong but it's the first time in a while I felt that fire in me-motivation! I'm not saying I have been unmotivated, but I just have been in the middle. Plans have been made and I cannot wait to start prep again! So currently sitting at 10st ish with it fluctuating from 10st -10st 5. Dan is sitting around 16 stone. We hit some posing down at our gym on Sunday and oh it's such a horrid feeling seeing yourself like this, but it's motivation right there and it's all for a purpose.

I was hoping to tell you all of some other big news, but we are still waiting for confirmation on this....

Fit Food- Now if you haven't seen already the March Limited Edition of Banoffee Popcorn then your missing out! That's not the only one either, we released last minute a White version of our Nutty Choc inspired by the new flavour from Grenade! These flavours seem to be going down very well, with us selling out day by day! We are now working on the April flavour which should be egg-cellent- a little clue!

Life up North seems to be treating us well so far, still so much to see and do but we will get around to it! We have been a bit rubbish with Date night lately, but when we tell you the big news you will understand!

Have a great week, and don't forget we are away next week so any orders will be delayed! (or get them in before Friday this week)

D x


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