And so it begins...

Okay, so it's been over a month since I last posted. I don't even have a reason except I've been baking a lot, taking some time to plan the year for Fit Food aswell as the best bit....Wedding planning!!! Incoming Bridezilla....


Yep, that exciting time...We have had venue viewings, spending hours scrolling through decoration ideas, invitation designs, menu's and dresses! We went to visit our first one last week, and instantly fell in love. We didn't want to see any others and started planning. Why are weddings so expensive for one bloody day! we thought we had it set, when whilst Dan was getting his hair cut the barber mentioned a venue we hadn't seen. I searched it whilst he was in the chair and now....we think this is the one. We have a viewing on Wednesday, so will keep you informed! Fingers crossed! My ring also got resized and returned this week so I can finally wear it! YAY!!

Diet & Training

We have now been on a week of programmed training and diet (okay, so diet hasn't been 100% but we have cut out all the Christmas snacks and back in a routine)

This morning we both weighed in, Dan is down 3lb(he's trying to bulk up) and I'm down 4lb.

I'm also really obsessed with avocado's at the moment. I'm eating a high fat diet, whilst keeping carbs in all my meals except breakfast. We are having a clean cheat on Wednesday evenings and allowing a dinner on Saturday evenings. Tonight i'm attempting to make my first ever pie! Dan's mum also landed from NZ last night so Tim Tams are on the desert menu.

New Products

We have a few new products land last week, the first being Lenny & Larry's complete cookie bags- we originally didn't stock this brand as we found the large cookies quiet dry and heavy. These, however are a new level! Think of mini Maryland cookies- crunchy and dunkable!

Following the cookie trail, The new Grenade biscuits! these are coated in a thin layer of chocolate and again, taste just like a regular biccy! Approved! (All Grenade products are on sale aswell)

A different style protein snack comes in the form of a caramel slice style square from Applied Nutrition and their indulgence bar. Similar to something you find alongside a coffee or hot chocolate-Tasty and different!

The January Ration Pack in out and proving to be one of our most popular so far, these feature the new Lenny & Larry's cookie bags, aswell as not one but three of our Protein Squares!

Coming up...

We trialled the new flavours for February...boy'o'boy do we have a treat for you! Not one, but two brand new flavours.



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