And the results are in...

So our blog is going to be under a few headings so for those of you that want to just jump to a certain part you havent got to read the rest.

Bodybuilding (bit longer than normal)

So our first competition of the year is done and dusted...

The swelling is in full swing and we both look pregnant. If you haven't competed before, the hardest bit is post show. When you restrict yourself not only physically but mentally, the moment you then can relax even if only for a day it's hard to not go all in. I really advise you not too, it's not good for the body or the head! Yes have a little treat just don't do what we did and end up in agony!

Anyway, the show itself was interesting and we have assessed and put a new plan in place. Every time we prep and compete we learn things we should and shouldn't do. It's all trial and error and trying different things.

I was happy with what I brought to the stage and ended up coming in second place missing out by one point! Which yes, some people may be annoyed at but for my third show I'm happy. I didn't really go in with a plan I just knew I wanted to have improved from last year. I did just that, I had made my improvements to not only my physique but my confidence.

A couple of categories after me and it was Dans turn. Again, he brought a better package to stage and his confidence had improved. UnfUnfortunatley things didnt go to plan and he came away with third. We were slightly baffled as we thought his overall physique was the best on stage and came home to messages from people we didnt even know also confused. Anyway, we assessed it all with feedback from the judges and have a plan in place. We think it didn't help running after me all morning, his legs were then holding water on stage...So next time it's strict feet up for him!

Overall it was great to compete together and have all our friends shouting their support in the audience. We came home and enjoyed the long awaited pizza, a full breakfast Sunday followed by a Chinese! I do not reccomend this but we enjoyed some down time together and will push on to the next one. It's called balance right??

We promised the kids after show they can pick somewhere and we can go and have dinner, so last night we went to a local pub and enjoyed some family time before it all starts again....

Business ...

Things is in full swing, stock is arriving(literally climbing over everything) and the website is so nearly finished...So exciting!!


puppy mentality is starting to go and she isn't as much of a handful. Toilet training has improved but we still have at least one pair of wet socks a day!


Some exciting news is slowly progressing but I'll keep that quiet for now, maybe I'll announce it soon :)


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