And we are in...

Big news!! If you havent heard yet, here you go! As we met Dans mum outside the new house, she gave us the keys and we posed for a 'first home' picture. I unlock the door and as i push the door open, i see a big bouquet of flowers, pink champagne, tealights and rose petals. In my confusion to why the estate agents had done this, i turn to dan as hes down on one knee. Holey smokes was i shocked! I was honestly gob smacked....yes yes yes i eventually replied after keeping him waiting for what seemed forever. Bless him! The ring is stunning! Safe to say we cant wait to spend our future together! We celebrated with a lovely dinner and cocktails on saturday with our first outing into newcastle.... Thankyou to everyone for the kind comments and cards.

Now lets get ready for christmas...

Bodybuilding So with the big move last week we missed a few days off training but back into the swing of things now. After finding our new second home- powerhouse gym in south shields, we completed a 5 day split and it feels like weve never trained. The doms are real! I love going to differnet gyms, using different equipmrnt as it hits muscles differently. Its got some machines we both love but that wasnt in our old gym so excited to add them into our weekly sessions and see how it makes a differnce.

Diet has also been relaxed but reckon we are hitting the same intake as we kept missing meals around the move and having roughly 3 bigger meals a day rather than 6 smaller ones. We havent even unpacked the scales yet so no weight update yet.

Dan hit his 140kg bench goal he was aiming to get before xmas and he smashed that the week after he set it.

Business ... 10 days left to get your xmas orders in- the xmas limited edition has been the most popular products since the re launch with us selling out within days of restocking!! We are now looking at future flavours- any ideas?! Send them over!! The cookie monster square will be trialed this week with the official release in january! Did you know every flavour we make we give you lot a chance to review it before the official release- find the post and tag away for your chance to win! We are also stil running our #roadto3k selection box giveaway! Help us get there for your chance to win the full range of squares!

**Little update regarding xmas posting** We will still be taking orders over christmas but the last post to get them in time for xmas will be the 17th. Anything after this will be posted but cannot garentee in time. All posting between 24th-1st will be delayed untill the 2nd, then back to normal!

Hormones... Call back from doctors just as im on the journey to newcastle calling to say they want to repeat my annoying!! So i have to register up here first and repeat before we get any further...bleurgh

Peanut... Safe to say she loves the garden but we have still having a couple accidents in the house, think itll take her a little time to get used to being able to go out on her own.

Home... We are all moved in and within 3 days pretty much unpacked! Boys rooms are nearly complete. I'll post updates on our insta stories of the rooms being updated. Our bedroom is my favourite so far with a gorgeous bed from the bed arena! It's Dans last day off before he starts back so last trip to ikea and spending some time together.


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