How did I loose weight this week?...

Updated: Dec 4, 2018


With off season here we are both strong as f*** again! The scales are staying the same roughly whilst our food has been relaxed we both decided to start a mini cut before Christmas (mainly me!) Last week we enjoyed pizza more than once- including a lovely dinner with some new friends at a local pizzeria providing us with this 1/2 metre pizza (as pictured)

This week I've dropped 4 pounds surprisingly!

I say surprisingly as it feels like i've eaten a lot of nice food, not done too much in the form of cardio and been quite poorly.

Monday- We stuck to diet (made protein pancakes for breakfast though)

Tuesday- We had Pick and Mix at the cinema and homemade burgers

Wednesday- We had Fish and Chips with the boys

Thursday & Friday- We stuck to diet (Both poorly so didn't do a lot) (Dan had 2 slices of pizza)

Saturday- Spag Bol and Cookie dough and ice cream

Sunday- Cereal

-So whilst this 100% what I wrote down, I still lost weight! Goal next week- to try a bit harder haha!

Tuesday we took a trip to Iron Bodies Gym in Dunstable, run by Gavin Gibson. We hit some legs before heading to the cinema! I've been here once before but he had made some great changes to the place, even building a mezzanine floor for more equipment. We dropped Gavin off some of our protein squares to try- head over to @thecheatmealblogger and see his reviews!

Sunday - we had our sports massage from Gareth, who had us both screaming like little girls with his theragun! This was actually our first massage since show as we have been so busy, so we were both a bit broken!

Dan hit 120kg bench with a new mini goal to get 140kg before christmas!

Business ...

With the christmas releases doing really well (we are adding the rest this week to be released on Wednesday featuring My Muscle Mug) and the new protein squares improved again(they now have a soft centre-which is amazing btw) we are having so many ideas- its just trying to figure them all out!


So after my water/kidney infection the other week, I was crippled over yet again! it's a regular thing now, getting worse through the night. A tight pain in my lower left side, I can only describe it as if something is going to explode...I know -strange. After trying to get my bloods and hormones checked last week at the doctors I know have a new appointment tomorrow! (I turned up for them to have booked me in with a nurse who only deals with colds and can't take blood aswell as booking me in at 2.30pm when the bloods stop being taken at 2pm) FUMING!

Anyway, i'm going to try and push for bloods and hormones to be checked aswell as push for a scan on my pelvis (pretty sure its something to do with my PCOS-which they should be keeping an eye on)


I swear her head is growing by the day- we even had to buy a new harness purely to get over her huge head! We cannot wait for her to see her new garden!


Should have our moving date this coming week! eeeekkkkk!

Sofa is ordered from @Honeyimhome - that's about all we have brought at the moment! Beds are the next task...

Our house is getting ready to be sold, so all those little jobs we kept putting off have to be done now! Skirting boards painted and holes filled-nearly there...


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