Some of you know us already, some of you may not, hence why my first post will be a little intro...

The team behind Fit Food UK- Me-Dannii and my partner- Dan. I know, how ironic! :)

So...I set up Fit Food UK in 2015 when I was a couple of years into training, but my sweet tooth kept pulling me backwards. I wanted a sweet treat that didn't ruin all my hard work! Here some recipes went down and the protein squares were born. After 3 years doing it part time alongside my day job I started to get a bit itchy. I wanted more...competing with the big brands is hard for a small company and doing it alone, well that's another story. When I started I never knew how hard it would be managing every aspect of the business. Its not buying and selling, its creating a product to tight nutritional guidelines, getting them testes, designing labels with my designer, baking, packaging, sticking every label on, running the website, running the accounts, running social media, trying to run promotions, keep customer engagement and more!!

In 2017 I competed in my first year of bodybuilding and the last four weeks of my prep I had to put the business on hold. It was a mix of emotions, almost a relief to have a break but also nervous to leave it. I came back with motivation like no other and it resumed. I also started a sister company, Fit Tans Uk spraying for photoshoots, events and after my next level I will be spraying for bodybuilding shows- all bookable on the site aswell!- All under one roof, easy peasy!

2018, my mind kept tossing and turning trying to compete with bigger companies, I didn't want to compete with them. I love all these products, so after discussion with my partner we came up with revamping the company. Alongside his full time job he is now the other half of the company and will help me run the business. Phew!

Along with Dan coming into the company, we are also expanding our product selection, not only stocking our own protein squares (and maybe some new products in the pipeline) but to also sell all the products we love! We are one by one going to try every product and review them for you in a video. This should help you choose products when your browsing (We have to wait till after our show to start these!)

We are now 10 days out from our first show of the year, so its getting exciting. Most people wouldn't take on expanding their company at this stressful time with low energy, low food and all your time is consumed by the show whether it be training, cardio, meal prep or posing. But hey, we make a good team! We also brought a puppy 5 weeks ago so add on toilet training to the list, we obviously love a challenge!

So the company is now highlighting our favourite products and companies with goals to always be honest! We also want to help smaller companies showcase their products and have a platform-so if you know of any, send us an email-

We are also putting together some exciting bundles including monthly boxes sent straight to your door full of products we love and want you to try! I love getting post, and this is the best kind of post!

So that's us, we will be updating the blog weekly to keep you updated whether it be new products, our bodybuilding competitions or general life, it'll be a full weekly catch up of us! We would love your feedback!




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