Launch week

Bodybuilding... So I completely forgot to say last week that we are both now in off season! We were in limbo with a few options. I wanted to compete in Portugal for the finals but my gut was saying no. We weighed up the best options for both of us and decided that with everything going on we are better off starting are improvements now! We have set our plans in place and will start working on them, training is strong and the pump is insane from higher food lately. Dans now below stage weight with me still struggling to keep snacks from falling in my mouth. When I set a goal I can focus, when I have other things going on I tend to loose track a little bit....but I'm trying to not be so hard on myself and allow myself time to adjust.

Business ... Okay so with the soft launch just on social media we are already selling out of a few products and still receiving so many messages regarding the squares! Website is launching tonight and we are super excited! I spent the day today getting all the 'ration pack' boxes together (go and check them out!) and within 10 minutes of posting a pre-order picture on social media we are already putting names to boxes. The ingredients arrives tomorrow for the squares so after work it'll be straight in the kitchen for me to get these bad boys ready for the boxes and there's a little twist on them for this box! It should be scarily good!

Fakeaway... So this week was greysons choice of spag bol! Safe to say it went down well and the boys are loving getting involved with cooking! This was such a great idea!

Home... We have brought a house! It's all exciting and now the rest of the details need to be finalised ready for the move. Again, we don't do things by halves. Prep, puppy, new business, new house...anything else to add to the mix?!


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