Oops missed one!

Okay so I forgot to post last week but not much has really happened. Me and Dan had an impulsive dominoes Tuesday night so I just did a quick fakeaway curry for the gang!

Post show

I'm still not happy post show and truly believe this is the hardest part of prep. It's so much easier when you have a ticking time bomb but now the mornings are getting darker and colder it's easier to make excuses. Saying that im currently on the bike finishinh 45 mins fasted cardio before work! Its taking all my will power, few tears ans strops to stick to my diet most of the time...ill get there. I keep getting told to relax and enjoy myself which is so easy ti agree with untill i look in the mirror!


My hormones still arent back to.normal fully as I haven't had my time of the month yet. I'm using this as a kind of indicator. I also want to get my bloods and thyroids checked when I think I'm back to my 'normal' state to set me in place for next year's plans. This year my coach believed I had a thyroid problem which was causing my body to not respond very well. I'll keep you updated on this when I get my tests done and the results.


On Friday I had my lips done! I was super nervous and had been wanting.this for a while but didn't want to come out looking like a duck! Luckily I love them! Anyone thinking about getting dermal lip fillers I reccomend going to Iwona at the aesthetic box in bletchley- she also works in Surrey and London. She made me feel at ease, it didn't even hurt and the 0.5ml has made so much difference! I love them!!


Training this week has been great! My strength is coming back and I love the feeling of being strong! 100kg deadlift feeling easy again although 110kg felt like poop....Dans put on a stone in 2 weeks and still has abs (yes they are gone by the evening but their still visible!)

We have a few things coming up including family events, new flavour trials for Novemeber and December regarding the protein squares and we are as busy as always with stock going down quite quickly! As always if you don't see any products on the site and want us to get it in, just send us a message! The scare-fetti squares are going down so well! If you have tried them please share your reviews and postsaposts!

Right my cardio is done so I'm over and out- off to get my eggs ready and run to work! I'm sure you'll see my flavour trials on my story this week! Enjoy!


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