Soft launch...

Updated: Oct 7, 2018


So it's kinda been a wierd week for us here as we have had a soft launch. We are still waiting for the final touches on the website but have had deliveries coming out of our ears. So we thought why not just start showing it off! Orders have been flying out with a few brands instantly a favourite. Everyone's excited to hear we are official stockists for Project AD I recently brought some Shredabul online and soon realised it was fake. A guy at my gym also did the same, I gave luke (the manager) and asked if it had changed, I sent him pictures and we came to the conclusion it was fake. This is why you have to buy from an official stockists!! Do not try to save a couple of quid and buy off eBay or similar!! Trust us! - We have also received so many messages asking when the protein squares are back?? Well I can confirm I've actually nearly finished my recipe development trials and they are getting the thumbs up from us!! A bigger, better square ...thus meaning they now won't fit in the packaging so needing to relaunch all of the packaging-oops! It'll be worth it! - Home... So many things going on but it's so exciting and motivating. Given it's a little hard with us both working full time, having the puppy and kids and training/cardio for a few hours 6 times a week still but hey, we hope you guys will appreciate it! - Bodybuilding... Training side of things has been great to finally feel a little bit strong again! Plus having a little more energy. Diet wise....well let's say Dan is doing great and I'm erm well ....Im finding post show a little harder with no goal to focus on right now. Although I'm comfortable so will just slowly get back to where I need to be. I do have a plan in place it's just going to take some time for my hormones and mental state to adapt back I think?!? I'll keep you updated....i have a set weight I don't want to go above so that's kinda my guide currently. - Fakeaway nights... We had our first fakeaway night last night with the boys which was jaydens choice of Chinese. We made chicken chow mein stir fry, egg fried rice and sticky hoison chicken and zero carb noodles from myprotein. Oh and some prawn crackers of course! The boys got messy battering the chicken and really enjoyed helping! All in all it was a success! A healthier, cheaper and family orientated dinner! Looking forward to next Wednesday with greyson choosing spaghetti Bolognese! - Peanut... Peanut is getting bigger by the day it seems with her puppy traits still there, So excitable but starting to come into her own- sitting and waiting for her food is now a given without even asking her- progress is progress no matter how slow😂🤣

Round up... All in all we have had a great week being back to high energy and lots of laughs...yes I kinda miss being in prep and super lean but there's bigger fish to fry right now!


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