Why aye man

This post is a little mish mash as its 2 weeks into one!!

I've been a little bit quiet recently and I have reason to have been. Ive been in lots of pain so haven't trained, haven't been eating well which then gets me feeling a bit rubbish. I've pretty much lived a normalish life for the past 2 weeks.

Last week was a pretty normal week with posting orders, work, no fakeaway Wednesday as we had the mortgage guy over in which we are all approved (yay!) Friday we took the boys over to my home town of Stamford and went to a beautiful Greek restaurant for my step mum's birthday. If your ever in the area go book in at 'the mad turk' you won't be disappointed! Saturday I actually left work screaming in pain and this is where it all went down hill....with a pain in my lower left back and abdomen it was causing me such discomfort. Wednesday came around and I hadn't trained all week, hadn't eaten fantastic and we went to the walk in centre....4.5 hours later we have anti biotics and a possibly kidney or water infection. Great! I've never felt so uncomfortable that I could ignore it and get on with life. We was due to drive to our new house Wednesday night which we managed to do. So finally we have seen our beautiful new house and the result...we love it. We took a stroll around the area, I got my nails done and we checked the gym out. Moving to a new area is hard when your life is quite regimented but once we get the main things sorted we will be back to our routine. Of course we checked out the local takeaway and got a Geordie feast pizza- we both struggled! They definitely load the pizzas more up North. Today we went into Newcastle itself to have a wander round the shops, stopped for a full English and afternoon tea! Why have I never been here before! I love it! We are now on the way back to fullfil All the orders you guys are sending in!

We are sponsoring the battle of Bedford show on Sunday in which the famous Tom Platz will be making his second apperance opening the show! The top 3 from each category will get a free protein scare-fetti square in their goody bags!

This is the first show I did last year and was a great first experience into.the world of competing. We have a few friends competing in the show aswell so should be a good day! Good luck guys!!

We have also signed with some new wholesalers so should be having some exciting new products available soon including the white chocolate rocky road from Mountain Joes and the filled cookies from Cookie Madness!

Rves- we are fitting them in with 3 Christmas flavoured protein squares which are incredible!! o have put together our Xmas bundles which we will have to try not eat all ourselves- we are fitting them in with 3 Christmas flavoured protein squares which are incredible!!

Dans had a couple of clients signing up for training and nutrition plans. If your interested just drop him a email!

I will be back to routine Monday! I promise...I'm on a mission to drop a little before Christmas...although frankly I'm so happy and relaxed at the moment!


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