An old english favourite with the sweet icing topped with a shiny red cherry, well now you can enjoy them and not fill up on shortbread. This sweet almond flavoured core filled with a chunky cherry jam, a a hint of icing coming through the white chocolate and almond topping. All this deliciousness topped off with that famous cherry! This remake of an old classic contains 279 kcal and over 22g Protein, who could say no to that!

Cherry Bakewell Protein Square

  •  Like all good things, our Protein Squares should be treated with care. Like any other chocolate coated snack try to keep in a cool place and not squashed (If it lasts long enough that it goes in your bag or cupboards) Due to being handmade all squares may vary slightly in size and macros.

    All our squares have a best before date on, although can be frozen for longer storage. 

    Try warming slightly before eating for a softer bar!

  •   PER 100G PER 74G BAR
    ENERGY KJ 1583.7837837838 1172
    ENERGY KAL 377.027027027 279
    FAT 11.0810810811 8.2
    SAT FAT 4.8648648649 3.6
    CARBS 51.3513513514 38
    SUGAR 24.1891891892 17.9
    FIBRE 24.1891891892 17.9
    PROTEIN 30.1351351351 22.3
    SALT 0.2297297297 0.17
    NET CARBS 27.1621621622 20.1


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