A customer made invention brought to life! Chocolate caramel flavoured noughat style bar with hint of crunchy nuts throughout. This sweet and salty delight hides a gooey caramel and peanut butter filled centre. The opposing sweet and salty comes together in this bar really well, and with the added crunch from the pretzels this is sure to be a new favourite! This handmade treat contains only 235kcal and a huge 24g protein! WARM FOR 10-20 SECS FOR AN EXTRA GOOEY TREAT!

Choco Caramel PB Pretzel Protein square

  •   PER 100G 75g bar
    ENERGY KJ 1341 979.0596
    ENERGY KAL 321 235
    FAT 9.3 6.8
    SAT FAT 3.9 2.9
    CARBS 36.9 27
    SUGAR 11.5 8.4
    FIBRE 22.7 16.6
    PROTEIN 33.2 24.3
    SALT 0.27 0.2
    NET CARBS 14.2 10.4