Now you don't have to wait till after 8pm to indulge in these  handmade  delights! A chocolate core combined with crispy nuggets throughout! A sharp peppermint buttercream style filling complimenting the dark chocolate coating perfectly- all topped with a mint Matchmakers and a white chocolate drizzle! The best bit this 75g luxury square contains 278 kcal and a huge 22.2g Protein!

Chocolate Mint Protein Square

  •  Like all good things, our Protein Squares should be treated with care. Like any other chocolate coated snack try to keep in a cool place and not squashed (If it lasts long enough that it goes in your bag or cupboards) Due to being handmade all squares may vary slightly in size and macros.

    All our squares have a best before date on, although can be frozen for longer storage. 

    Try warming slightly before eating for a softer bar!


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