Calling all you peanut lovers!!...The new and Improved Nutty Choc! A bigger, softer nougat style chocolatey-caramel fudgey square encasing a soft, crunchy peanut butter pocket with a thin coating of dark chocolate all finished off with crushed peanuts! These melt in your mouth scummy squares pack a brilliant 25g protein in each square whilst containing 253 calories! These squares are perfect as your end of week treat, or why not have one post workout to put them healthy natural fats from the peanuts to good use! Yes, certain fats can be good!

Nutty Choc Protein Square

  •  Like all good things, our Protein Squares should be treated with care. Like any other chocolate coated snack try to keep in a cool place and not squashed (If it lasts long enough that it goes in your bag or cupboards) Due to being handmade all squares may vary slightly in size and macros.

    All our squares have a best before date on, although can be frozen for longer storage. 

    Try warming slightly before eating for a softer bar!