Whilst the kids were here over christmas, my step son wanted to make his very own flavoured protein square. We introduce 'Slim Shady' A chocolate protein square featuring crispy protein nuggets throughout and filled with a crunchy chocolate hazlenut filling filled with crushed M&M's. Finished in a dark chocolate coating sprinkled with more crushed M&M's. This chocolatey delight contains only 286 kcal and just under 23g Protein! Try warming for 10-20 seconds for a ooey gooey chocolate treat!

Slim Shady Protein Square

  •   PER 100G PER 76G BAR
    ENERGY KJ 1511 1149
    ENERGY KAL 376 286
    FAT 12.8 9.8
    SAT FAT 5.5 4.2
    CARBS 43.4 33
    SUGAR 19.2 14.6
    FIBRE 22.2 16.9
    PROTEIN 30 22.8
    SALT 0.21 0.16
    NET CARBS 21.18 16.1