Who ever said you can't enjoy cookies on a diet,- Rubbish! Well now you can!Try our new and improved delicious cookie flavoured squares, with a bigger, softer, creamy cookie base. Subtle hints of raw cacao chocolate sneaking through met by chunks of real Oreo pieces and protein nuggets blended together to create a irresistible treat! Look out for the hidden pocket topped with white chocolate and sprinkled in more oreo crumble. The best bit.... 253 calories per chunky square, whilst packing a punch of 21g protein to help you towards your goals! Feel guilt free eating whenever you fancy something sublime. We recommend to get the most bang for your buck post workout would be optimal as will help aid repair to your body!

Cookie Monster Protein Square

  • Like all good things, our Protein Squares should be treated with care. Please keep them refridgerated until you want to eat them. We recommend removing from the fridge 5 minutes prior to eating for the best experience!

    All our squares have a best before date on them, although can be frozen for longer storage.


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