In this cold weather what else gets you all snuggly than a warm cuppa and a tasty cinnamon protein square! We have put together a cinnamon flavoured protein bar filled with a cinnamon infused icing fondant! This protein packed square is topped with cinnaon infused white chocolate and a cinnamon swirl and sprinkles. The best bit, it's only 241 kcal and has just under 24g Protein in each tasty square. Try warming for 10-20 seconds for a warm danish inspired treat.

Cinnamon Bun Protein Square

  •   PER 100G PER 74G BAR
    ENERGY KJ 1405 1012
    ENERGY KAL 334 241
    FAT 10.9 7.9
    SAT FAT 5.55 4
    CARBS 37.5 27
    SUGAR 13.3 9.6
    FIBRE 22.3 16.11
    PROTEIN 33.5 23.8
    SALT 0.22 0.16
    NET CARBS 15.1 10.89