Youve seen them stocked on the shelves now its time to have our fit food spin on the most well known christmas treat! This soft protein square hides a mince meat filling whilst featuring a white spiced chocolate outerlayer all sprinkled in christmas flavours! With 23g protein and only 229 calories you can have your pie and eat it! Fun fact: im not even a big mince pie fan and i could eat this all day long!

Mince Pie Protein Square

  •   PER 100G PER 68G BAR
    ENERGY KJ 1434 961
    ENERGY KAL 341 229
    FAT 9.25 6.2
    SAT FAT 4.3 2.9
    CARBS 41.3 27.7
    SUGAR 15.2 10.2
    FIBRE 24 16.11
    PROTEIN 35 23.8
    SALT 0.23 0.16
    NET CARBS 17.2 11.59