Now this one has been one i've wanted to do for a while, finally getting round to it when we did the advent calender- although it's been tweaked! It's even better!

A raspberry and peanut flavoured noughat style bar with added crispy nuggets and nuts! Amongst all these flavours hides a glorious peanut butter and jam filled centre oozing out whilst being encapsulated in a white nutty chocolate coating and covered in a sprinkle of nuts and raspberry crumble! This is a taste sensation, and even better warmed for 5-10 seconds in the microwave for a super soft treat! This Protein treat contains only 251kcal whilst packing a huge 25g protein in each handmade square!

PB&Jelly Protein Square

  •   PER 100G PER 74G BAR
    ENERGY KJ 1422 1053
    ENERGY KAL 339 251
    FAT 11.4 8.5
    SAT FAT 4.2 3.14
    CARBS 35 26.5
    SUGAR 11.4 8.5
    FIBRE 22.2 16.5
    PROTEIN 33.7 25
    SALT 0.29 0.22
    NET CARBS 13.5 10